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Personal Kitchen

Dining is such a fundamental part of home life. We recognise that food is not only essential to maintaining good health, but also the focus of much social enjoyment. It is a time to come together to enjoy a choice of fresh, nutritionally balanced, home cooked meals served with wine and cooked by our in-house chef. Our experienced chef produces appetising, home style food with seasonal ingredients. At Norwood we endeavour to meet all cultural and personal preferences, our chef is also happy to incorporate service user’s favourite dishes into the menu and meet any special dietary requirements. Meals can be eaten in the dining area or in the privacy of their own room.

We hold themed food events regularly and these are a greatly anticipated feature of home life with our kitchen team always being on hand to ensure that there is a regular supply of snacks and baked treats between meals. Special events such as birthdays and anniversaries are also well catered for. We always encourage residents to invite guests into our home, for whom beverages and refreshments can be provided. Guests are welcome to join residents at meal times or for any kind of activity they wish.

Our residents support group illustrates our commitment to both listening and responding to the suggestions of our residents and their family members. Through the resident support group, families are equal partners in the planning, developing and assessing of care and welfare needs throughout the home.

The Main Hall is equipped with a personal kitchen for the more abled residents to use as part of their re-enablement and rehabilitation programme.

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